Satay Sarinah Restaurant
Traditional & Authentic Indonesian Cuisine
Family Owned & Operated


512-A S. Van Dorn St, Alexandria, VA 22304
Phone: (703) 370-4313


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Authentic  Asian Cuisine from Indonesia you must try.

In the heart of Asia lives the Indonesian cuisine, and as special this Authentic Indonesian cuisine is, as rare and difficult to find Indonesian restaurants in the United States, we are proud to announce to our valuable customers in Washington DC Metro Area and surrounding areas including Northern Virginia, VA and Maryland MD, that we are the unique and only Indonesian restaurant that's serving this important DC Metropolitan area, and we are welcoming everyone to come for the authenticity of our cuisine, traditions in Indonesia go back thousands of years in history, the recipes were cooked over the centuries by our ancestors and Satay Sarinah is here and proud to deliver the same Authentic Indonesian Food as it was cooked for the Emperors over the centuries, Thousands of years ago, now this traditional Indonesian cuisine and hospitality is right here in Alexandria. VA.

Our Satisfied Customers keep coming back.

We are proud that our happy customers keep coming back to Satay Sarinah the only and unique Indonesian restaurant in Washington DC Metro Area including Northern Virginia VA and Maryland MD, why? Because they love our food, they love the family atmosphere, and of course our low prices, we are proud to say that we are not a regular Asian restaurant selling a regular Asian food, our Authentic Indonesian food  is so special that you will notice it in every bite, that's how we earned our reputation, and that's why our satisfied customers keep coming back.

Affordable Low Prices

No need to spend a fortune on a party or a family gathering anymore, enjoying a great dinner with the company of your friends is now affordable thanks to Satay Sarinah low prices, our prices are set easy and convenient for daily customers pockets who are on budget, because we want you to leave excited and come back again happy and relaxed.

Free deliveries within 2 miles radius.

For your convenience, we will deliver your order within 2 miles radius, on time every time. So no need to leave your work or home when you don't want to, we will come to you and deliver the food fresh and hot.

Warm welcome in a Family Indonesian Restaurant.

If you ever visit Asia, you will notice in addition to the high quality Asian food, the quality of Asian traditions and Asian hospitality.
When you visit Jakarta the Capital City of Indonesia, or the famous Bali or Java or any other Indonesian Island, you will notice the great hospitality, attention and respect that the people give to you wherever you go.
What you find here at Satay Sarinah is no less than that, in a friendly and family atmosphere for you and your party to enjoy, so stop by for this warm welcome.

Looking for a special Asian Food or Restaurant? Satay Sarinah is a very special Indonesian Restaurant for everyone.

What is your favorite food?
-Sea food?
-or Vegetarian Food?
We got it all here at Satay Sarinah at a very affordable price.
If you think that fancy Asian cuisine is only for certain people, well guess what? Indonesian food is very simple and can beat most fancy world food in taste, quality and best of all in price as well!
We made it at Satay Sarinah so conveniently available for everyone, please check our very affordable low prices! We were selected many times by the washingtonian magazine as one of the Best Bargain Restaurant in DC area.
Are you tired of eating same thing all the time?
Are you feeling guilty eating junk food more often?
Are you looking for a great food at a bargain price?
Are you looking for a diet change?
or...Are you just curious and adventurous who wants to explore a different kind of cuisine?
If you answer "yes" to at least one of these questions, then you must visit us.
Indonesian food is a good food for everyone, great taste and guaranteed best fresh ingredients: Candle nuts, lemongrass, galangal root, coriander, turmeric, cinnamon, cloves, star anise, peanuts, tamarind fruit, palm sugar, nutmeg, ginger, salam leaves, kencur root, cardamon, cumin, kafir lime leaves, shrimp paste and Satay Sarinah uses high quality Halal meat, Halal Chicken and Halal ingredients as well.
Sounds fancy doesn't? It does, but at a very affordable price.

لحم حلال
Halal meat

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